Life is a journey that is made up of numerous choices that we can make. The consequences of these choices may be good or bad, but they are still our choices. Because of this, it becomes easy to overlook the freedom we have in making a choice.

Freedom Day in South Africa is a day that is there to remind us of the freedom of choice, through our right to vote. During a time when our freedom was restricted, we have come to realise the true importance of freedom.

Similarly, at helperhub, we also encourage the freedom to choose. Both employers and employees are fundamental to the success of a business, so it is in their best interests to create an environment where people feel safe to exercise choice, and to do so responsibly.

In a country that has such a discriminatory past, it’s going to take us all working together to change and forge the way forward. Despite our past, there are still many people among us who remain the subject of discrimination. These people often find themselves deprived of certain freedoms for various reasons, and the best way to fight against such behaviour is for all of us to act in a way that promotes the mentalities of others, regardless of our differences.

One of helperhub’s key missions is to help people exercise their freedoms, by learning and gaining access to information that is their right; such as a payslip. This could be seen as the simplest piece of paper giving you important information, yet so many of our working force still do not have access to this basic right.

Basic rights such as receiving a payslip empower people, adding to our country’s growth and healing. At helperhub we recognise the pressure that small business employers experience, our service could take care of this for you, providing you with the freedom to do more.

We want to ensure that we’re working toward a future, where employers and employees alike can exercise their freedom more.

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